Art Deco painting vintage - Not in the Style of Klimt
Sisters - Art Nouveau painting of two girls
Art Nouveau painting klimt of two girls

Painting Art Nouveau - The Art of Klimt, Jugendstil, Art Deco

The movement of Art Nouveau or Art Deco (French) was called Jugendstil (German) in Austria. In Vienna the anti-establishment painter Gustav Klimt founded the Vienna Secession (1897 to 1905). The style of Art Nouveau was highly ornamental, inspired by organic forms and patterns and often displayed women and symbolic content. The paintings were like coloured drawings - the brush often being used like a stencil - showing very clear and precise outlines of objects and little shading, contrast or three-dimensionality.

My painting above is not typical Art Nouveau style but an attempt to transfer the subject-matters and mood of Art Nouveau to my own style.

Art Nouveau was also very strong in architecture and design art. Although the movement lasted only from about 1895 to 1920 it produced a great impact and is again popular today.

Famous artist of Art Nouveau

Gustav Klimt (painter and designer of jewellery), Alphons Moucha (painter and designer of glass windows), Antonio Gaudi (architect), Fritz Lang (Director of the movie Metropolis), Bauhaus-Design

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