Macbeth painting lady dagger
A Dagger! - Lady Macbeth pondering about means to get Duncan out of the way
Macbeth painting lady dagger femme fatale portrait

Lady Macbeth painting, A Dagger!

After a battle the Scottish nobelman Macbeth and Duncan the King of Scotland come upon an oracle of three witches who tell Macbeth that he will become very powerful. Shortly after Macbeth is promoted as possible successor to the throne. Upon hearing this, Lady Macbeth wants her husband to become king and get Duncan out of the way. At frist Macbeth is not willing to harm Duncan, but eventually they plan to *** Duncan on his visit to Macbeth's castle. Macbeth has an apparition of a dagger and when the castle bells toll he executes their vile plan. They make Duncan's attendants drunk and Macbeth stabs Duncan. Realizing their deed, they are overcome with guilt. Lady Macbeth manages to enter the murder site to plant the dagger on a drunken attendant to make it look like a conspiracy of Duncan's attendants against their master. Her suppressed feelings of guilt become apparent in her repeated cleaning of an (imaginary?) spot of *** on her hand and her (faked?) sleepwalking. She commits *** and her husband gets *** in battle.

Lady Macbeth paintings by famous artists

Henry Fuseli, John Singer Sargent, William Blake

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