Queen Elizabeth I Painting - Golden age, cate blanchet, renaissance

Or Shall I? - A noble Lady being up to something at the court of queen Elizabeth I
Elizabeth I Painting - The Golden Age of England

Elizabeth I painting - The Golden Age of Queen Elizabeth I

Elizabeth, daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, reigned England from 1558 until her death in 1603. After quarrels and many intrigues about her legitimacy as queen she started out her reign at the age of 25 with a bankrupt nation in religious discord and little influence amongst the greater nations of Europe. At the beginning of her reign Elizabeth had little experience in stately matters and relied heavily on her counsellors, many of which advised her to marry quickly and leave government affairs to her husband. She was often undecided (or cautious?) in important matters, which prevented her from rash unwise action and resulted in a moderate and tolerant reign. She never married but she used her marriage potential to ally with other important Kingdoms wisely for her and England's own benefit. After defeating the fleet of the Spanish Armada in 1588 and with it the danger of the Catholic ***, she governed England in a time of relative peace and prosperity. This period was called the Golden Age of England with playwrights like Shakespeare and Marlow and adventurers like Sir Francis Drake securing the wealth and gold that came from the colonies. Male rulers of her time relied on the strength of their armies alone and their power to suppress usurpers and the people. Elizabeth, however, knew how to get and take good advice of various sources; she followed her female intuition and secured the goodwill of her people:
[...] when wars and seditions with grievous persecutions have vexed almost all kings and countries round about me, my reign hath been peacable, and my realm a receptacle to thy afflicted Church. The love of my people hath appeared firm, and the devices of my enemies frustrate.
The Above painting is my interpretation of the qualities of Queen Elizabeth I.

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