Salome Painting - Salome's dance and John the Baptist
My Mother told me to - Salome trying to find excuses for the effect of her dancing performance
Salome Painting - John the Baptist, behaeded, bible, herod

Salome painting - Salome, Herod and John the Baptist

Salome is a biblical figure. She was the daughter of Herodias (Herod Antipas) and danced for him and his guests on occasion of his birthday. He like the performance so much, that he promised her with an oath whatever she demanded. Her Mother made her demand the head of John the Baptist who was at the time a prisoner of Herod and against whom she bore a grudge. Although reluctant and sad, Herod had to fullfil his oath and sent to *** the Prisoner. His head was then presented to Salome on a platter.

Salome is a symbol for female seductiveness and the 'femme fatale'. However, it was Herodias who got seduced by her and it was her mother who made her wish such a cruel thing. Salome is as much a victim as a 'femme fatale'.

Famous artists with paintings of Salome

Henri Regnault, Gustave Moreau, Oskar Kokoschka, Vecellio Tiziano

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